Monday, November 28, 2011

My Perspective on Lockout

As I have mentioned in earlier posts, I'm a fan of games and shows from Japan. Though there is a decent industry for both of those in the US as well as other countries, I still find plenty that I would otherwise be missing out on.

Normally, without regional lockout, the only limit between countries sharing media is language, and anyone willing and able to put in the effort to learn their country of interest's language is able to experience these realizations of that culture.

The system does have its benefits, helping keep the market of international media profitable for example. However, whatever benefits to it that exist only support the industry. I would expect that all that would be necessary would be competent translators and possibly voice actors.

I believe that through current technology such as the Internet the world should become more connected. But systems like regional lockout only keep us isolated in our own countries with our only outside contact being these companies.

I like these industries and often support them when I can and as much as I can afford. Though I appreciate them for helping us experience these media, I know there are plenty that isn't being shared with other countries. This doesn't just include the recent, obscure products but also the older, classic ones that have either fallen out of relevance or their distributing companies have gone out of business.

I have noticed from my earlier research for this blog that regional lockout is loosening up with Blue-Ray having only 3 regions and current game consoles hardly using region codes at all. I appreciate this and hope it will eventually lead to regional lockout from being removed completely.

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